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March 22
Whitepaper on SharePoint upgrade
I have finalized my whitepaper on upgrading SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010.
The document should be seen as a work-in-progress, since the subject is still fairly untested. I will add to the document as I upgrade sites and as i hopefully get some feedback on the document.
In the whitepaper I try to cover both the tools available for operations and developers when you upgrade sites and solutions to the new version of SharePoint.
Some parts of the documents only really scratches the surface, for example regarding designing service architecture in SharePoint 2010. This is mainly due to that I havent read up enough on that yet, so maybe I will add more on that later.
Thanx to Wictor Wilén, Mike Watson and Paul Swider for reviewing the document and giving me excellent feedback. I know you guys are busy, so I really appreciate you taking time to look at this.
I hope you will find use for this document, and would appreciate any feedback you might have.
You can download the Whitepaper here:
Update: I have updated selected chapters in the white paper, so feel free to download the new version!



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