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May 31
Using PowerShell to fetch features that should be disabled / enabled

​I always use PowerShell when ever I am provisioning artifacts to our customers SharePoint farms.

Provisioning solutions and features can be tricky, and there are alot of caveats both in the way solutions are structured, what features that needs to be re-activated or upgraded, solution dependencies, feature dependencies etc.

Often re-installing or upgrading a solution isn't enough: you also need to re-enable or upgrade the relevant features. For this I use QueryFeatures in combination with PowerShell, so that I first check all places where a given feature is used, instead of disabling it and enabling it on all Site Collections:

$feature = Get-SPFeature -Identity MyFeature
$siteUrls = Get-SPSite -Limit All | %{$_.QueryFeatures($feature.Id, $false)} | %{$_.Parent.Url}
$siteUrls | %{ Disable-SPFeature -Identity $feature.Id -Url $_ -Confirm:$false}

# logic to upgrade or re-install
# solutions goes here

$siteUrls | %{ Enable-SPFeature -Identity $feature.Id -Url $_ -Confirm:$false }

You can also use this to upgrade features:

$feature = Get-SPFeature -Identity MyFeature
$siteUrls = Get-SPSite -Limit All | %{$_.QueryFeatures($feature.Id, $false)} | %{$_.Upgrade($false)}

Two things to note:

Dont use -Force on your feature or solution cmdlets. First off when you use force, all exceptions is swallowed. That means if you have feature receiver code that fails, you will never notice. Another lesser known problem is, that using force will trigger a feature upgrade. A look into SPFeature class with Reflector reveals this:

internal void Activate(SPSite siteParent, SPWeb webParent, SPFeaturePropertyCollection props, bool fForce)
    if (fForce)
            this.Upgrade(siteParent, webParent, fForce);
//more code here
This of course is a problem, since you probably don't expect this to happen when activating a feature.
The other issue to be aware of, is that if you have deleted sites (SPWeb) in your recycle bin.
I have experienced that at least SPSite.QueryFeatures() throws exceptions internally that is not caught, when it tries to fetch SPWeb's that are deleted.
I take it that this is because the feature instances are stored in a seperate database table, that is not updated with a "deleted" flag when a site is deleted. This means that when QueryFeatures() fetches feature instances that belongs on deleted SPWeb's, and hence throws an exception.
This looks like a bug in SharePoint and makes QueryFeatures() method rather tricky to use. I will post updates on this if I find good workarounds or bug fixes.





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Re: Using PowerShell to fetch features that should be disabled / enabled

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