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March 31
Cisco AnyConnect and Windows 8.1

Since the company I work for are working with a lot of different clients, most of my work happen in remote desktops on different client networks.

Hence I have created a dedicated VPN client machine on HyperV that I use for connecting to these networks using different VPN clients.

Since most customers have disabled that you can run VPN from a remote desktop client, you need to connect directly from a host session in HyperV rather than connecting to it remotely. 

I recently upgraded that machine to Windows 8.1 Enterprise 86x, and noticed that even after upgrading my Cisco AnyConnect​ to latest release (that works with Win 8.1) my session was detected as a remote desktop and connection was rejected with the error "VPN Establishment capacity from a remote desktop is disabled. A VPN connection could not be established".

One of the new features in Windows 8.1 is the ability to copy/paste directly into the HyperV host session, which was something you could only do in Remote Desktop in earlier versions. This turned out to be the caveat: once i disable Enhanced Session from View > Enhanced Sessions and log in again, the VPN connection worked fine!


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